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Postpartum Doulas

Whether you just had a baby and know exactly what you need or you are about to have a baby and have no clue what you need, our Postpartum Doulas are prepared!  We come ready to help with all things Fourth Trimester and New Baby.  With the added support of our team of Birth Doulas and Social Workers our team is qualified to assist, assess and nurture you and your family through these early days as you grow in to your new role as a mom or your new growing family. 

Our Postpartum Doulas vary with their trainings and certifications, from Certified Birth Doulas, Postpartum Doulas, Certified Lactation Consultant's and Registered Labor and Delivery Nurses we are a well rounded team and we will match you and your family with the best support we have for you. 

Our Daytime Doulas book in 2-4 hour increments.


What to expect when our doulas visit:

  • Breastfeeding, pumping, and bottle feeding with breast milk or formula

  • Support for emotional and physical recovery from birth

  • Doula Support for new parent bonding, protecting that space for you and creating boundaries

  • Diapering, bathing, dressing your baby

  • Tips and tricks for infant soothing

  • Screen for perinatal mood disorders/postpartum depression

  • Sorting out parenting goals and set up a long term plan to achieve them

  • Weekly support of our Fourth Trimester Support Group 

  • 24/7 To our Doulas in emergencies and access to our monthly Parenting Zoom Group

Overnight Services

Our overnight nurses and doula's book in 8-10 hour increments.  Our doulas will still do everything our day time doulas do but additionally:


  • Finish up laundry

  • Finish up dishes and light cleaning

  • Change baby, feed with a bottle or bring to you to breastfeed and then bring baby back to sleep

  • Help adjust your home and baby into a healthy sleep and feeding pattern

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