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Image by Alex Hockett

Birth Doula Scholarship

We are offering ONE $1600 Scholarship for a BIRTH DOULA!  We have never done this before, but during these insane and unknown times, birth support is more important than ever. 


What this looks like: 

Unlimited support via Text, Phone and Video (Between you and one of our birth doulas)

This all the same support you would get if you had paid for an hired a BIRTH doula

1 Prenatal - In person meeting to work on positioning, etc. 
Doula will come to your house when your labor begins, help you with comfort techniques, positioning, educational and emotional support to help achieve your birth and labor goals. 

This Support is for the length of your pregnancy.  

Who qualifies?  We are accepting all applications, however we do ask for an estimate of yearly income and reasons for the support needed. 

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