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Charitable Postpartum Care

What are our goals with this this organization?

We want free postpartum support for new mom's. Our ultimate goal is to match experienced mom's with new mom's that we pair up according to their pregnancy stories, birth stories, current life situations (Divorce, Multiples, Loss, AA/Substance abuse, Preemies, Preeclampsia/HELPP, Working moms, stay at home moms, single moms, etc)

Where will the donated money go?
We hope to have top notch volunteers and in order to make that happen we hope to be able to offer meals, gas money, coffee money for their time as well as a budget to bring mom's meals and coffee as well.

How will mom's apply for support?


What will this support look like?

As we begin, you will apply for 2 hours of support. Our volunteers or one of our postpartum doulas will schedule a time and come by to begin your journey with Roots and Wings.

The Fourth Trimester is complicated, exhausting, blissful and confusing sometimes. Often, taking care of a baby is the easy part, it's understanding how to run the rest of your life that starts to get confusing. We want to send women in to listen, assess what your needs may be and fill the gaps in care. We will do dishes while we chat, get snacks ready for you and talk about what your current diet looks like, discuss mental health triggers and see where your mind may be roaming that can feel scary. We are coming in to help, and sometimes all you need is a nurturing mom that understands. Sometimes, you need a lot more...


Our goal is to get you set up with everything you need and then continue your support via text, continued volunteer support or paid postpartum care for as long as you need.

Ideal candidates for this program are new mom's with very little support, mom's with previous mental health issues that are worried about how postpartum will affect them, mom's having trouble adjusting to motherhood or feeling VERY overwhelmed with the day to day or new families that are just not sure what this new chapter should look like and are struggling to find their new normal.

  • Emotional support 

  • Screening for perinatal mood disorders/postpartum depression

  • Resources for ongoing care

  • Assistance with overwhelming at home tasks

  • Assistance with breastfeeding

  • Support while mom takes a break 

  • Tips and tricks for infant soothing

  • 24/7 To our Doulas in emergencies and access to our monthly Parenting Zoom Group

  • Weekly support of our Fourth Trimester Support Group 

What to Expect From Our Mom Mentors and Doulas

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